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About melanoma, birthmarks and Dermtest itself

Dermtest makes checking birthmarks and suspicious moles easy and accessible

Dermtest was created to improve the early detection of melanoma, which is the fasted growing form of skin cancer. We have created a service, which allows you to have fast and reliable access to specialised Dermatologists near your home.

Our solution does not contain any long waiting times or unnecessary trips to the dermatologist. Dermtest connects general practitioners at your hometown with highly qualified specialists from large cities. You can access these dermatologists and get your suspicious moles checked in just a day or two.

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Dermascopic images of your suspicious moles are taken at the Dermtest clinic of your choice. Normally patient request to check 1-3 moles during 1 visit. The high quality images together with the patient background are sent to certified specialists in the field on dermascopy, who will answer within the next 2 days. The whole process from requesting a Dermtest untill getting the results is about 5 workdays. Dermtest is not a full-body scan and it's only meant for checking individual moles. 

Dermtest clinics use digital dermascopes to make high quality images of your suspicious moles. Dermascopic images allow doctors to see into the upper layers of the skin and determine the structure pigmentation of your moles, which is not possible with a normal image of the eyes. The protection of these images and other patient data is a high priority and the Dermtest software works according to all european standards for treating patient data.

Advantages of Dermtest

  • Fast service at a reasonable price
  • Avoid unesseccary visits to dermatologists
  • Dermascopy is a non-invasive diagnostic method accepted by the European Association of Dermatologists
  • Highly qualified and experienced dermatologists