Dermtest is a digital toolbox for skin and wound care

The easiest yet most comprehensive medical photo management solution

Complete medical photo management toolbox for small practices, hospitals and large health systems

Dermtest started with digital tools for skin and wound care and is now a complete medical photo management software used by 70 hospitals and clinics.

Dermtest provides a complete medical photo management toolbox for health systems, supporting 30 different use-cases in hospitals, GPs, nursing homes and private clinics.

Dermtest enables to increase quality and access to care and make sure that patient pathways and care coordination is on par in the visually heavy specialties (wound care, skin care, rheumatology, orthopaedics, oncology, ophthalmology and many others).

In many health systems most doctors (>70% reported in UK) use their personal phone galleries for storing and sharing medical photos. Dermtest solves this problem with a much easier, yet secure and highly functional and integrated solution.  

The Dermtest system uses Estonian e-government infrastructure principles and covers 100% of Estonian regions including the largest hospital and 15% of the GP network. It is easy to implement and complements traditional EHRs while keeping user-flow simple. Dermtest digital tools have been implemented in 4  European countries and Dermtest has brought >20 million euros of value to the society.

Use-case: Dermtest covered Estonia to fight melanoma

Dermtest has covered 100% of Estonian regions with fast access to skin-cancer detection. By enabling teledermoscopy at rural and urban GPs, 1.3 million people have now access to fast and local suspicious mole-check.

By facilitating melanoma prevention through early detection, Dermtest empowers general practitioners in fighting the deadliest type of skin cancer. Dermtest brings remote specialist diagnosis and treatment plans for skin cancer and other skin diseases to local GPs. We offer the modern e-health solution is offered to individual doctor practices, clinic networks, health regions, insurances and governments. The detection service is already locally accessible to 1.3 million people. 

The software platform connects general practitioners with dermatologists, to provide early skin cancer detection service to patients at their local general practitioner's office. The service enables discovering early changes in moles that may develop into malignant skin tumors and reacting quickly with a treatment plan.

As a solution provider, Dermtest combines its software with off-the-shelf diagnostic hardware into a complete work-flow management service. With this prevention-oriented solution, Dermtest increases access to care, quality and cost-efficiency and reduces melanoma mortality.  

Dermtest started in 2013 as a local telemedicine project for early melanoma detection between 2 GP-offices in rural areas and the largest dermato-oncology clinic in the capital of Estonia. It has been developed by doctors, nurses and e-health experts from Estonia. In 2014 Dermtest spinned-off into a separate company for providing the technology internationally. The system has been presented at a number of clinical conferences including World Congress of Dermoscopy (2015) and World Congress of Teledermatology (2016) and is now part of 2 large-scale clinical studies.

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